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Hi, my name is Abby and I am an educator, photographer, videographer, and editor. At present, I’m living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates where I have been a Physical Education Teacher for the past 3 years. Education has been the vehicle for many of the opportunities I have had the privilege of experiencing. It was education that helped me earn a salary that allowed me to start investing in equipment, traveling, and documenting my adventures for others to see and experience vicariously through me.

I love creating photos, videos, vlogs, and tutorials that capture life's unique moments inspiring others to learn, create and teach what they have experienced. I seek to motivate and support people, businesses, schools and events that need a boost or that extra oomph that will take them to the next level with the digital resources and knowledge I can provide such as photoshoots, interviews, tutorials, event recaps, and testimonials. 

Each new project gives me the unique opportunity to help the light, beauty, innovation, and creativity of others shine. I look forward to partnering with you should you require any of my services. 

All the best,